Never again by Deliveroo

Reklamation ĂĽber Deliveroo



1st, it is not possible to decide by what branch of the same restaurant brand one to order. Even if the distance between both branches is “exactly” the same (6 min by bike according to google maps).

2nd, I contacted by chat the customer service and their only concern was to justify their policy, which is quite ridiculous taking into account that by Deliveroo one just pays for the “delivery”. This means that the customer should be able to choose what restaurant to order from.

3rd, I contacted deliveroo’s Customer service as soon as I noticed that the system had redirected my order to the second branch once I logged in, when I had initially placed my order in the first one. Not only that, it took as the delivery address the first branch!!

I tried to cancel the order. And I was told that it was not longer possible.

4th, I get a call from the driver telling me that he is in the wrong address. I told him what had happened and he contacts the customer service to receive instructions.

5th, I write an email to Deliveroo complaining about the whole situation.

6th, I get a call from the customer service. A lady who would not even let me speak.

Conclusion, not possible to cancel. Did not get my order, but even with that I had to pay for it.

NEVER AGAIN will I order by deliveroo. Fortunately there are other more reliable and considerate providers in Frankfurt.

Meine Forderung:

I was not offered a solution but was instead accused of not being able to place an order properly. Disgraceful.

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